Iphone Tips and Tricks That You Might Don’t Know

We’ve compiled a little list of iPhone tips and tricks that are guaranteed to save you a ton of time.Many of us use our phones without even realizing all the great features that they come with. Some are easy to find whilst others require you to watch an instruction video or two. In the following list, we’ve compiled 5 great  tips and tricks that you might find useful, we certainly have. Obviously, this list is far from exhaustive and in no particular order.

1.Save Iphone Battery Life (When It’s Low)

At times we are outside and don’t have facility to charge the phone when its running low

Though with these hacks you still get emails, phone calls and have access to internet also

Just simply go to setting and make these all on off mode as it helps to preserve battery life

simply go to Settings

then click on battery

and turn it on mode

It will temporarily reduce power consumption by making mail fetch siri and some visual effects are off until it get minimum 80% charge


2.Use Iphone Earplugs/phone to take photos

Sometimes we want to click photos but due to hazy hands we not able to click still photos but now with earplugs and iphone volume buttons one can easily click good pictures without hazy effect it’s an easy and convenient way to take pictures.


3.Shake Iphone to undo a deleted message

Many a times in hurry we by mistake delete the typed message and after that got confused that how to get it recover so just shake your phone and get that message back in your typing area

Basically shaking your phone makes message back to its place

4.Type with Shortcuts

If you want to send a message but hate to write it again and again this feature is going to help you a lot the shortcut feature for this simply

Go to Settings > General > Keyboards>Text Replacement

Insert a frequently used Phrase.

Insert a text in Shortcut which will be used to convert into word.

5.Disable Messages Preview

Here is the easy way to prevent others to see your messages when you are accidentally not around with your phone and don’t want anyone else to read the inside message from other person


Go to Settings > Notifications > Messages > Show Preview. Tap the option and turn it off so now no one will be able to see the message sent from other side.

And for Whats App messages

Go to Whats App > Notifications > Show Preview. Tap the option and turn it off so now no one will be able to see the message sent from other side.



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